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Title: Energy-efficient and safe driving using a situation-aware gamification approach in logistics
Authors: Klemke, Roland
Kravcik, Milos
Bohuschke, Felix
Keywords: GALA
mobile learning
game-based learning
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2014
Citation: Klemke, R., Kravčík, M., & Bohuschke, F. (2014). Energy-efficient and safe driving using a situation-aware gamification approach in logistics. In A. De Gloria (Ed.), Games and Learning Alliance, Second International Conference, GALA 2013, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8605 (pp. 3-15). October, 23-25, 2013, Paris, France. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
Abstract: Safety and energy-efficiency is the main aim of every reasonable driver. But often there is too much relevant information a driver has to take into account and evaluate. A useful support can be provided by technology that can observe the driver’s situation, analyze it, and offer individualized information and services to the driver. Moreover, by means of gamification mechanisms drivers can receive valuable feedback and motivation to improve their behavior. This paper presents such a situation-aware gamification approach in logistics, which has been elaborated in the LogiAssist project and enhanced in the TEGA game. A first user study indicated the general usefulness of this approach and revealed also several shortcomings. These results imply that this synergy of various technologies provides a promising opportunity for further investigation and development.
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