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Title: Video Cases in Teacher Education: A review study on intended and achieved learning objectives by video cases
Authors: Geerts, Walter
Van der Werff, Anne
Hummel, Hans
Van Geert, Paul
Keywords: Video cases
Teacher education
Teaching knowledge
learning strategies
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2014
Citation: Geerts, W. M., Van der Werff, A., Hummel, H. G. K., & Van Geert, P. (rejected). Video Cases in Teacher Education: A review study into learning objectives intended and realised by video cases. European Journal of teacher education.
Abstract: This literature review focuses on the use of video cases in the education of preservice teachers as a means of achieving higher order learning objectives that are necessary for gaining situated knowledge. An overview of both intended and achieved learning objectives in relevant studies involving the use of video cases is provided, which shows that video cases are indeed being used with the intention of achieving learning objectives. However, the number of achieved lower learning objectives is slightly higher than the number of achieved higher learning objectives. Further research is needed to explore how video cases can be fit into the curriculum to achieve the highest possible yields in terms of learning objectives, particularly since the difference between intended and achieved learning objectives gives rise to the assumption that educators are still searching for ways to achieve higher order learning objectives.
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