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Title: Acquiring 21st Century Skills: gaining insight in the design and applicability of a serious game with 4C-ID
Authors: Van Rosmalen, Peter
Boyle, Elizabeth
Van der Baaren, John
Fernández-Manjón, Baltasar
MacArthur, Ewan
Pennanen, Tiina
Manea, Madalina
Star, Kam
Keywords: serious games
game design
instructional design
Cognitive Task Analysis
research methods and statistics
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2014
Citation: Van Rosmalen, P., Boyle, E.A., Nadolski, R., Van der Baaren, J., Fernández-Manjón, B., MacArthur, E., Pennanen, T., Manea, M., & Star, K. (2014). Acquiring 21st Century Skills: gaining insight in the design and applicability of a serious game with 4C-ID. In A. De Gloria (Ed.), Games and Learning Allience: Second International Conference, GALA 2013, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8605 (pp. 327-336). October, 23-25, 2013, Paris, France. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
Abstract: Despite the growth of interest in serious games, there is little systematic guidance on how to assure a game fits the instruction required. Game design frameworks are still under development and do not help to articulate the educational merits of a game to a teacher nor fit with their background. In this paper we discuss the results of a GaLA workshop which examined how a widely applied instructional design model, 4C-ID, can ease the uptake of serious games by offering teachers a model fitting their background to assess games on the applicability for their learning contexts. The paper will introduce the 4C-ID model and its use in the CHERMUG project with the design of mini-games for research methods and statistics. Next, we will discuss how workshop participants used the 4C-ID model to evaluate two games on their applicability for a given learning context. The participants indicated that the approach can support teachers in deciding if and how to use a given serious game.
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