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Title: Bevlogen zijn, of bevlogen raken? Welke invloed hebben werkgerelateerde motieven en HR instrumenten op de bevlogenheid van werknemers?
Authors: Troisfontaine, XPMJ
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2014
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: The coming years the Dutch labor force will diminish, due to aging and dejuvenation of the population. Sustainable labor participation is seen as one of the most important solutions to this problem. Sustainable labor participation is a concept which is influenced by a large variety of factors. That is why scientific research into this topic, often focusses on specific indicators of sustainable labor participation. In this study this specific indicator is ‘engagement’. Engagement is a positive indicator of sustainable labor participation. It also adds value for both employer and employee. And finally is of importance for sustainable labor participation via vitality. In relation to engagement, two antecedents are investigated, namely work related motives and HR instruments. HR instruments are not only expected to have a direct effect on engagement, but they are also expected to increase the effect of work related motives. The research was performed amongst participants of a respondents panel. Only the data from 153 respondents who worked for an employer were used for this study. The results show that, from the work related motives, only generativity motives have an effect on engagement. Growth motives have no effect. From the HR instruments only participation & autonomy have a direct effect on engagement. Although there was no direct effect from teamwork on engagement, teamwork appeared to amplify the positive effect of generativity motives. Participation & autonomy however turned out to have a negative effect on the relationship between generativity motives and engagement. These results show how important it is, that organizations learn to identify generativity motives. These can be an important determinant for engagement and enables organization to apply proper HR instruments, to increase the engagement of their employees.
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