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Title: Using Linked Data in Learning Analytics
Authors: d'Aquin, Mathieu
Dietze, Stefan
Herder, Eelco
Drachsler, Hendrik
Taibi, David
Keywords: Integration
Linked Data
Linked Learning
analysing data
learning analytics
Issue Date: 23-Dec-2014
Citation: d’Aquin, M., Dietze, S., Herder, E., Drachsler, H., & Taibi, D. (2014). Using Linked Data in Learning Analytics. eLearning Papers, 36. Online available at:
Abstract: Learning Analytics has a lot to do with data, and the way to make sense of raw data in terms of the learner’s experience, behaviour and knowledge. In this article, we argue about the need for a closer relationship between the field of Learning Analytics and the one of Linked Data, which in our view constitutes an ideal data management layer for Learning Analytics. Based on our experience with organising the “Using Linked Data in Learning Analytics” tutorial at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference, we discuss the existing trends in the use of linked data and semantic web technologies, in general in education and in learning analytics specifically. We find that the emerging connections between the two fields are still, at the time of writing, much less prominent than one would expect considering the complementary nature of the considered technologies and practices. We therefore argue that specific efforts, somehow materialised through the tutorial and the work in the LinkedUp support action, are needed to ensure the realisation of the potential cross-benefits that combining Learning Analytics and Linked Data research could bring.
ISSN: 1887-1542
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