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Title: D3.1 Instructional Designs for Real-time Feedback
Authors: Van Rosmalen, Peter
Börner, Dirk
Schneider, Jan
Petukhova, Volha
Van Helvert, Joy
Keywords: Feedback
Instructional Design
Multimodal Dialogue
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Van Rosmalen, P., Börner, D., Schneider, J., Petukhova, V., & Van Helvert, J. (2014). D3.1 Instructional Designs for Real-time Feedback. METALOGUE Project.
Abstract: The main objective of METALOGUE is to produce a multimodal dialogue system that is able to implement an interactive behaviour that seems natural to users and is flexible enough to exploit the full potential of multimodal interaction. The METALOGUE system will be arranged in the context of educational use-case scenarios, i.e. for training active citizens (Youth Parliament) and call centre employees. This deliverable describes the intended real-time feedback and reflection in-action support to support the training. Real-time feedback informs learners how they perform key skills and enables them to monitor their progress and thus reflect in-action. This deliverable examines the theoretical considerations of reflection in-action, what type of data is available and should be used, the timing and type of real-time feedback and, finally, concludes with an instructional design blueprint giving a global outline of a set of tasks with stepwise increasing complexity and the feedback proposed.
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