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Title: Print to Pixels: the Implications for the Development of Learning Resources
Authors: Griffiths, David
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
Programmed learning
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Proceedings of LORNET 2005
Citation: Griffiths, D. (2005) Print to Pixels: the Implications for the Development of Learning Resources. Proceedings of I2LOR 2005, second annual e-learning conference on Intelligent Interactive Learning Object Repositories. Vancouver, 2005
Abstract: In this paper we reflect on the implications for pedagogy and infrastructure of the move from paper based resources to digital learning resources. A model of production of paper based educational resources is proposed, and the way in which the move to electronic educational resources has interfered with this process is outlined. Some of the negative implications of these changes for pedagogy are explored. Some approaches available to resolve the interferences are identified. IMS-LD is identified as a key technology, and drawing on the work of the UNFOLD project the concepts underlying the exchange of chunks of pedagogy, and institutional policy regarding copyright are discussed. Conclusions are offered summarising the most promising approaches and the issues to be addressed.
Description: Littlejohn (Littlejohn 2003) describes how numerous national and international initiatives have been funded to investigate ways in which digital learning resources might be developed, shared and reused by teachers and learners around the world (so as to benefit from economies of scale). The idea of sharing and reusing learning resources, however, is at least as old as the book,however, and as Downes has pointed out (Downes 2001) “today’s classroom is already an example of extensive resource sharing”. So it seems that we are confronted with a major initiative to implement
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