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Title: Open Source and IMS Learning Design: Building the Infrastructure for eLearning
Authors: Griffiths, David
Blat, Josep
Elferink, Raymond
Zondergeld, Sara
Keywords: Open Source
IMS Learning Design
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: Open Source Systems 2005
Citation: Griffiths, David; Blat, Josep; Elferink, Raymond; Zondergeld, Sara (2005)Open Source and IMS Learning Design: Building the Infrastructure for eLearning. Proceedings of Open Source Systems 2005, Genova, 11-15 July 2005.
Abstract: The development of open, flexible eLearning specifications has significant implications for and interactions with the FOSS movement. A short overview of eLearning specifications is provided, focusing on the difference between SCORM and Learning Design (LD). The significance of LD for FOSS is examined, and common values identified. The particular contribution made by FOSS to LD infrastructure is discussed, and the importance of reference applications described. An overview is given of the FOSS applications available, divided into design time and run time, with particular reference to LD editors and the CopperCore Learning Design engine.
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