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Title: Tightening research-practice connections: Taking ISLS findings to public debate
Authors: McKenney, Susan
Gomez, Kimberly
Reiser, Brian
Keywords: research
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: McKenney, S., Gomez, K., & Reiser, B. (2014, 23-27 June). Taking ISLS findings to public debate. Presentation during a pre-conference workshop at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), Boulder, Colorado.
Abstract: This session will: sensitize participants to the importance of sharing research findings with non-researchers (e.g. teachers, school leaders, policy makers, parents); inform participants about existing strategies for engaging in public debate; and support participants in forming collaborative outreach projects. During the workshop, collaboration teams will identify specific research insights to be shared with non-researchers; start shaping key messages; and select approaches for engaging in public debate (e.g. New York Times editorial, NSTA workshop). After the workshop, teams will develop and implement the planned outreach approaches. Thereafter, a paper and/or journal special issue is envisioned, documenting the processes.
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