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Title: Op welke wijze landen diagnotische controle systemen in bancaire organisaties? Een sociaal constructionistische gevalsstudie.
Authors: Klompmaker, HWK
Keywords: Constructionistic
management control system
diagnostic control system
banking organization
Issue Date: 21-Jul-2014
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: A social constructionistic case study to determine in what way a diagnostic control system is being received in banking organizations. This paper explores how an organization receive a diagnostic control system from a social constructionistic perspective. More specifically the study focuses on the way a diagnostic control system is being received in a banking organization. The results from the case study in a banking organization suggests that using an individual diagnostic control system is not very effective because it’s also necessary to use other aspects of a management control system. For example, it’s possible that people don’t want to change. In that case, using a diagnostic control system will not be very effective. Finally, I conclude that in a banking organization are different social constructions with their own significance based on social interaction. This knowledge is important to understand how a diagnostic control system will be received in an organization. This conclusion matches with the results in an comparable empirical case study from Van Baarle (2009) in another sector (Royal Dutch Marechaussee).
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