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Title: Hoe verloopt de verspreiding van een innovatieve management methode binnen één specifieke organisatie?
Authors: Klabbers, JPM
Keywords: ANT
Coercive isomorphism
Mimetic isomorphism
Normative isomorphism
Management Fashion
Management Accounting Research
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2014
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This thesis is the result of research at Rabobank Nederland into the diffusion of Lean within this organization. The research is executed with a model which is originally developed by Abrahamson in his paper ‘Management Fashion’ published in 1996. This model is rooted in New Institutional Economics. The model is adjusted to support the research in a single organization. The model is also adjusted with ‘drift’ to accommodate a more iterative view on the diffusion. Drift is rooted in the actor-network theory (ANT) and by using ‘drift’ the iterative nature of the diffusion of an innovative management method is expressed. The Socio-Psychological and Technoeconomic Forces, which are part of the original model, were extended with coercive, mimetic and normative isomorphism. Coercive and mimetic isomorphism are valued as socio-psychological forces and normative isomorphism is valued as a technoeconomic force. The central research question is: How is the diffusion of an innovative management method in an organization? Lean is the innovative management method for which the diffusion is researched. The researcher concludes that drift is observed. Next to that the researcher concludes that isomorphism is a force that influences the diffusion of Lean within Rabobank Nederland.
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