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Title: Organizational Patterns for Multidisciplinary Development of Mechatronic Systems
Authors: Hollander, Mark den
Keywords: organizational patterns
pattern language
mechatronic system
multidisciplinary development
concurrent engineering
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: The concurrent development of a mechatronic system by a multidisciplinary team requires an intense collaboration between disciplines (e.g. software, mechanics, and electronics). This way of working can encounter problems with: the collaboration and dependencies between disciplines and the integration of deliverables. These problems can lead to system integration issues and project delays. This problem statement leads to the following research question: 'Is it possible to formulate organizational patterns that can be used for the development and integration of a mechatronic system in a multidisciplinary environment developed concurrently?' The results of this research are new organizational patterns that provide practical solutions to counter these problems. It is the first time that these solutions are formalized and presented as an organizational pattern and integrated into the organizational pattern language of (Coplien & Harrison, 2005). This result can benefit a multidisciplinary team that develops a mechatronic system concurrently. It will make them aware of: a solution to their problem, when to apply it, the forces and trade-offs of the solution, and how the solution can be implemented. These patterns will empower a multidisciplinary team to approach the stated problems.
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