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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2015What serious game studios want from ICT research: identifying developers’ needsSaveski, Grigorij; Westera, Wim; Yuan, Li; Hollins, Paul; Fernandez Manjon, Baltasar; Moreno Ger, Pablo; Stefanov, Krassen
24-Nov-2016Fabels en feiten over serious gamingWestera, Wim
Feb-2017A methodology to assess the effectiveness of serious games and infer player learning outcomesSerrano-Laguna, Angel; Manero, Borja; Freire, Manuel; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
Apr-2017uAdventure: The eAdventure rebootPerez-Colado, Ivan; Perez Colado, Victor; Martinez-Ortiz, Ivan; Freire, Manuel; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
2015Seeker: A Serious Game for Improving Cognitive AbilitiesToma, Irina; Dascalu, Mihai; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
Oct-2017Simplifying location-based serious game authoringPerez Colado, Víctor Manuel; Perez Colado, Ivan Jose; Martínez Ortiz, Ivan; Freire Moran, Manuel; Fernandez Manjon, Baltasar
Sep-2016Applying standards to systematize learning analytics in serious gamesSerrano-Laguna, Angel; Martinez-Ortiz, Ivan; Haag, Jason; Regan, Damon; Johnson, Andy; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
2017Facilitating evaluation support for serious gamesNussbaumer, Alexander; Steiner, Christina; Maurer, Matthias; Albert, Dietrich
8-Dec-2016The RAGE Advanced Game Technologies Repository for Supporting Applied Game DevelopmentGeorgiev, Atanas; Grigorov, Alexander; Bontchev, Boyan; Boytchev, Pavel; Stefanov, Krassen; Westera, Wim; Prada, Rui; Hollins, Paul; Moreno Ger, Pablo
2017A methodology for assessing the effectiveness of serious games and for inferring player learning outcomes.Serrano-Laguna, Angel; Manero, Borja; Freire, Manuel; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar