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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2017Semantic Boggle: A Game for Vocabulary AcquisitionToma, Irina; Alexandru, Cristina-Elena; Dascalu, Mihai; Dessus, Philippe; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
Oct-2017How Well Do Student Nurses Write Case Studies? A Cohesion-Centered Textual Complexity AnalysisDascalu, Mihai; Dessus, Philippe; Thuez, Laurent; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
Oct-2017Predicting Collaboration based on Students' Pauses in Online CSCL ConversationsDenisleam, Sibel; Dascalu, Mihai; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
Jun-2017ReaderBench Learns Dutch: Building a Comprehensive Automated Essay Scoring System for Dutch LanguageDascalu, Mihai; Westera, Wim; Ruseti, Stefan; Trausan-Matu, Stefan; Kurvers, Hub
Jul-2017D2.2 - Final Bundle of Server-side ComponentsCalvo Morata, Antonio; Fernandez Manjon, Baltasar; Freire Moran, Manuel; Rotaru, Dan Cristian; Martínez Ortiz, Ivan; Riestra, Ruben; Dascalu, Mihai; Lala, Raja; Westera, Wim
2015Visualization of polyphonic voices inter-animation in CSCL chatsTrausan-Matu, Stefan; Dascalu, Mihai
Jan-2016D6.1 – Ecosystem Software Platform with Underlying Software Repository, Digital Library and Media ArchiveHeutelbeck, Dominic; Krassen, Stevanov; Grigorov, Alexander; Georgiev, Atanas; Dascalu, Mihai
2016ReaderBench goes Online: A Comprehension-Centered Framework for Educational PurposesGutu, Gabriel; Dascalu, Mihai; Trausan-Matu, Stefan; Dessus, Philippe
Jul-2016D2.1 - First bundle of server-side componentsFreire, Manuel; Nussbaumer, Alexander; Dascalu, Mihai; Hollins, Paul; Krassen, Stefanov
7-Oct-2016Software Components for Serious Game DevelopmentWestera, Wim; Van der Vegt, Wim; Bahreini, Kiavash; Dascalu, Mihai; Van Lankveld, Giel