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Title: Supporting language diversity of European MOOCs with the EMMA platform
Authors: Brouns, Francis
Serrano Martínez-Santos, Nicolás
Civera, Jorge
Kalz, Marco
Juan, Alfons
Keywords: moocs
automated translation
automatic speech recognition
statistical machine translation
Issue Date: May-2015
Citation: Brouns, F., Serrano Martínez-Santos, N., Civera, J., Kalz, M., & Juan, A. (2015). Supporting language diversity of European MOOCs with the EMMA platform. In M. Lebrun, M. Ebner, I. de Waard, & M. Gaebel (Eds.), Proceedings of the Third European MOOCs Stakeholder Summit (eMOOCs2015) (pp. 157-165). May, 18-20, 2015, Mons, Belgium.
Abstract: This paper introduces the cross-language support of the EMMA MOOC platform. Based on a discussion of language diversity in Europe we introduce the development and evaluation of automated translation of texts and subtitling of videos from Dutch into English. The development of an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system and a Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) system is described. The resources employed and evaluation approach is introduced. Initial evaluation results are presented. Finally, we provide an outlook into future research and development.
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