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Title: Presentations at TENCompetence Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria. March 30th-31st, 2006
Authors: Several
Keywords: TENCompetence
Issue Date: 5-Apr-2006
Abstract: Presentations at TENCompetence Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria. March 30th-31st, 2006. The full proceedings can be downloaded at:
Description: Several (2006). Presentations at International Workshop in Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development. March, 30-31, 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria: TENCompetence Conference. The full proceedings can be downloaded at:
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1. XCRI_Sofia.PPTeXchanging Course-Related Information960 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
10. griffiths_sofiia-opendock.pptThe OpenDock project93 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
11. LD_Sofia.pptLearning Design Implementation in SCORM E-Learning Environment2.98 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
2. sofia.ppt The 8 Learning Events Model (8LEM)8.4 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
3. TenC_Sofia_2006_SBND_UNIL_copy.pptSeamless production of interoperable e-Learning units: stakes and pitfalls 1.26 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
4. Sofia_Mar2006_PerninLejeune.pptLearning design: models for computers, for engineers or for teachers?1.6 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
5. Sofia_BURGOS_TATTERSALL_KOPER_March2006v2.pdfRepresenting adaptive eLearning strategies in IMS Learning Design189.24 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
6. griffiths-sofiia-planet(.pptPlanetDR, a scalable architecture for federated repositories supporting IMS Learning Design32.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
7. SharingPersonalKnowledge.pptSharing personal knowledge over the Semantic Web37 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
8. Giunti_OpenTENC_Mar06.pptKnowledge Resources Management and Sharing in the TENCompetence Project359.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
BITSLOEPMATCHMAKERpresentationFINAL.pptMatchmaking in Learning Networks. A System to Support Knowledge Sharing126 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
CALLAKremenska.pptCALL: Using Internet for Effective Language Learning47 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
EuropeanLifelongCompetenceDevelopment-ArneKoesling.pptEuropean Lifelong Competence Development144 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
GilbertTENcomp.pptFrom VRE to CVTLE1 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
IDLD-Paquette.pptIDLD – Towards a Repository of Reusable Instructional Designs2.48 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
KALZ-BITTERpositioningFINAL.pptSymmetrical Positioning of Learners in Learning Networks with Content Analysis, Metadata and Ontologies128.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Karampiperis_Sampson_TenC-WS 2006.pptADAPTIVE LEARNING OBJECTS SEQUENCING FOR COMPETENCE-BASED LEARNING222.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Kickmeier.pptLifelong Competence Development: On the Advantages of Formal Competence-Performance Modeling5.05 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
ldcurriculum.pptUsing IMS Learning Design to Model Curricula571.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Learning-by-doing approaches for skill acquisition.pptLEARNING-BY-DOING APPROACHES FOR SKILL ACQUISITION248.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Paper Jose - ekl.pptNavigational support in lifelong learning: enhancing effectiveness through indirect social navigation1.21 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
paper25.PPTReusing ontologies in Competence Development programmes: RuleML and its capabilitie171 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Presentation Sofia Judith Schoonenboom 31-3-06.pptSupporting curriculum development by visualizing a continuous learning pathway 81.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Presentation_Georgieva.pptThe Influence of the Usage of e-Learning on the Students’ Expectations about m-Learning731.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
SimonGrant.pptFrameworks of competence: common or specific?91 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
SOFIA_Richards.pptCampus Canada: Secure Validations of Competence Assertions1.37 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
sofia_vogten.pptIntegrating IMS LD and IMS QTIv2 using CopperCore Service Integration403.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
TenComp_SQA_Paper24.pptItembanking Infrastructure: A Proposal for a Decoupled Architecture803.5 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Tencompetence.pptReview of the organizational learning and knowledge sharing in the context of the CoPs110 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
TENCompetence_Workshop_programme_Hall3_first_day.docAgenda 161 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
TENCompetence_Workshop_programme_second_day_Hall231.docAgenda 264.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
TENCompetence_Workshop_programme_second_day_Hall3.docAgenda 370.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open

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