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Title: Managing Continuous Delivery
Authors: Wezelman, Wouter
Keywords: continuous delivery
maturity models
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: What recommendations can be given to IT Managers for using a Continuous Delivery (CD) Maturity Model to implement CD in their organizations? Organizations struggle to deliver the decreasing time-to-market and increased customer demands. Software is key and software engineering and software management processes have significantly improved over time and Continuous Delivery is the new paradigm. This research tries to contribute with recommendations towards IT Managers for using a Continuous Delivery (CD) Maturity Model to implement CD in their organizations. An empirical research with semi-structured interviews with Continuous Delivery subject matter experts and IT Managers was performed, to extract data from practice on the added value and usage of Continuous Delivery Maturity Models in organizations. Continuous Delivery Maturity Models are concluded helpful to better understand throughout an organization the status of CD capabilities and what are the next steps for improvement. The organization and its culture are probably the most important aspects to consider when aiming to create a sustainable Continuous Delivery environment. IT Management should embrace these developments and opportunity. Planning and prioritization for Continuous Delivery needs to come together into one clear governance and the many benefits of the incremental improvements will start the fire that’s needed for this paradigm change!
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