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Title: Mind tools contributing to an ICT-rich learning environment for technology education in primary schools
Authors: Slangen, L.A.M.P.
Sloep, Peter
Keywords: mind tools
thinking skills
habits of the mind
ICT and technology
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2006
Abstract: This paper examines how the learning environment in primary education can be enhanced by stimulating the use of innovative ICT applications. In particular, this iscussion focuses on mind tools as a means of leveraging ICT for the development of cognitive skills. The stimulating effect of mind tools on the thinking skills and thinking attitudes of students is examined. The various types of mind tools and a number of specific examples are closely examined. We consider how mind tools can contribute to the establishment of an ICT-rich learning environment within the domain of technology education in primary schools. We illustrate two specific applications of such mind tools and discuss how these contribute to the development of thinking skills.
Description: Slangen, L.A.M.P. & Sloep, P.B. (2005) Journal of Continuous Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning, 15(3-6), 225-239
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