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Title: Applicants’ Self-Presentation Intentions and Tactics on Personal Network Sites during Recruitment, Moderated by Core Self-Evaluations
Authors: van der Putten, Anique A. J. T.
Keywords: recruitment
social networking sites
core self-evaluation
image creation
Issue Date: 21-Jul-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: The aim of this study was to extend the existing theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the way applicants adjust to the new trend of hiring managers increasingly using personal network sites to vet applicants. Initially participants’ perception of fairness in relation to their intention to resort to self-presentation has been examined. Second their self-presentation strategies, using image creation and protection tactics available on Facebook, were studied in a fictional recruitment setting. Furthermore, as earlier research indicates people do not necessarily react consistently under similar circumstances, the personality construct of core self-evaluations (CSE) was taken into account as a possible moderator. Finally, age, gender and familiarity with the new trend were controlled for as earlier research indicates they could affect the relationship between the main variables.
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