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Title: Development, Validation and Cross-cultural Adaptation of a ‘Scale on Community Care Perception’ (SCOPE):
Authors: Van Iersel, Margriet
Keywords: Nursing students
community care
scale development
Nursing students, communinstrument validation
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit
Abstract: Objective: Development, validation, and revision of an instrument to measure student nurses’ perceptions of community care (SCOPE). Methods: Scale construction of SCOPE was based on existing literature. The evaluation of its psychometric properties included exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis and scale- and factor correlations. Content validity was assessed by ten senior researchers in the fields of education, nursing and educational psychology. SCOPE was pilot-tested on second year bachelor nursing students (n = 57). Nursing students in the first semester of their bachelor nursing program (n = 1062) from six institutions of higher education in the Netherlands (response rate 81%) took part in the study. Results: SCOPE is a 49 item scale containing: 14 items on student background; 33 items in three subscales for measuring the affective component, perception of community care as a placement and as a future profession; and 2 items on the reasons underlying the student’s preference. Internal consistency of the complete scale was (Cronbach’s α) .886 and of the subscales was α = .862, .679 and .799 respectively. Pearson correlations between the scales ranged from .414 to .621 (p  .01). Principal component analysis resulted in the identification of two factors in the attitude scale reflecting ‘enjoyment’ and ‘utility’, two factors in the placement scale reflecting ‘interpersonal contacts’ and ‘personal satisfaction’, and four factors in the profession scale, reflecting ‘professional development’, ‘collaboration’, ‘freedom of action’ and ‘complexity and workload’. Conclusions: SCOPE is a new instrument for measuring students’ perceptions toward the work-field of community care, with supporting validity evidence. It contributes to an understanding of nursing students’ perceptions of community care and, by positively influencing these perceptions with targeted curriculum redesign, decrease the gap between health care needs and available workforce. As the workforce shortage in community nursing is a problem in many Western health care systems, further utilisation and validation of SCOPE in international contexts is recommended.
Description: Van Iersel, M. (2015)Development, Validation and Cross-cultural Adaptation of a ‘Scale on Community Care Perception’ (SCOPE): An Instrument for Measuring Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Community Care. Augustus, 1, 2015, Heerlen, Nederland: Open Universiteit.
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