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Title: Risk Assessment for Soil Contamination, Site B & Site C, Germany
Authors: Pals, Iena
Perkins, Ian
Provoost, Jeroen
van der Werf, René
Issue Date: Dec-2000
Publisher: Open Universiteit
Citation: Pals, I., Perkins, I., Provoost, J., & van der Werf, R. (2000). Risk Assessment for Soil Contamination, Site B & Site C, Germany. Study conducted on behalf of TNO-MEP, Apeldoorn, NL. (Unpublished BSc Bachelor's Thesis Environmental Sciences), Open Universiteit, Heerlen, NL
Abstract: This report describes the risk assessment for site C. The site is situated in Germany. Chapter 1 and 2 describes the general concept and purpose for the risk assessment. This includes general site information. Chapter 3 compares the soil standards with the concentrations found in the soil and the ground water. In the first part of the chapter more in dept information is given about the German and Dutch soil standards. The human risk assessment is discussed in chapter 4. The general approach and conceptual site model in given in the first part of the chapter. Chapter 5 handles about the ecological risks present on site B. The method that uses maximum permissible concentrations is used to protect parts or the ecosystem as a whole. The ground water risks for migration are reviewed in chapter 6. The saturated and unsaturated zone is evaluated. For the saturated zone nine control elements are applied to ground the conclusions and remarks. In chapter 7 the general conclusions and remarks are presented for the entire risk evaluation. Chapter 8 contains references and chapter 9 the appendixes.
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