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Title: Relationship factors relevance on relationship value appropriation in collaborative business relationships
Authors: Janssen, Marcel
Keywords: relationship factors
value appropriation
collaborative business relationships
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Business relationships are developed and maintained to create generate value for the relationship partners. Value appropriation activities need to ensure that value shares are agreed upon by the relationship partners. Relationship partners need to discuss, negotiate, claim, leverage dependence or use power to get shares of the perceived value or the so-called 'sharing of the pie'. Relationship factors, like e.g. trust, commitment and cooperation, are perceived by individual actors and are expected to influence the actions and behaviors of the relationship partners during value appropriation. The research question is: What is the relative importance of relationship factors on relationship value appropriation within collaborative business relationships? The research included a theoretical and empirical part. Via a literature study five relationship factors were identified to have relevance on inter-personal interaction during value appropriation. In the empirical study these relationship factors were tested via a case study approach. The case study included question lists and a pairwise comparison. The data were analyzed for reliability and consistency. The results of the research showed that (in order of relevance) trust, commitment, cooperation, power/interdependence and social bonds influence value appropriation activities of collaborative business relationships.
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