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Title: Loopbaanmanagement, dé weg naar duurzaam inzetbare medewerkers?
Authors: Bek, J
Keywords: Career management, Aging Workforce, Sustainable Labor Market Participation
Aging Workforce
Sustainable Labor Market Participation
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Career management; the road to sustainable labor participating workers? a study into the effect of career management for older and younger workers Abstract The retirement age has increased for everyone in The Netherlands. Therefore employees need to work longer before they retire from work. In practice we notice that not all employees have the right competencies to work actively and healthy to the end of their career, without losing productivity. It is known from previous research that becoming older has an effect on ones’ life, mentally and physically. The Self-determination theory supports the line of thought that career management has a stronger relationship with sustainable labor market participation for older employees as compared to younger employees. In this study, labor market participation is operationalized by employability, vitality and workability.154 employees of a company in the chemical industry in the South-West of The Netherlands answered questions about vitality, employability, workability, career self-management and organizational career management through a survey. The results show that career self-management has a positive effect on vitality and employability, but not on workability. For organizational career management there were no indications found for a relationship with vitality, employability or workability. Outcomes of the analysis of the age-effect showed that age does not affect the relationship between career self-management and vitality, employability and workability. It does however affect the relationship between organizational career management and employability and workability. This relationship shows that older employees gain more advantage from organizational career management for their employability and workability.
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