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Title: De invloed van middenmanagers in de relatie tussen strategic management en performance Verandercapaciteit in de competitieve arena
Authors: Reijnhoudt, A
Keywords: organizational change
strategic management
middle management
organization change capability
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: There has been little empirical analysis on the complex relationship between strategic management, organizational change capacity (OCC) and performance of organizations in the context of European countries. In this thesis, the purpose is to analyse the relationship between the involvement of middle management in strategic management and OCC on the one hand, and the relationship between OCC and organizational performance on the other. Based on literature we tested the influence of involvement and autonomy of middle managers in strategic management on OCC, and furthermore the relation between OCC and organizational performance. Testable hypotheses about these relations are derived, we used data collected from a single case organization. Results of the study suggest that involvement of middle managers in strategic management positively and significantly affects the change capacity of the organization, but no evidence is found that autonomy has a direct commitment to the change capacity. Subsequently, change capacity is found to significantly affect the performance of the organization. In other words, middle managers have influence on the change capacity through their involvement in strategic management, and this change capacity positively effects the performance of the organization. This may suggest that top management should realise that the influence of middle managers in strategic management is an important step in generating OCC. And generating OCC is critical because of the fact that it has a significant and positive relationship with the performance of the organization. This thesis attempts to shed light on the current theoretical debate about organizational change capacity and provide a practical view for people working in the top and middle management section to contribute to the organizational performance.
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