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Title: UNFOLD Deliverable D10. UNFOLD Communities of Practice Report
Authors: Griffiths, David
Burgos, Daniel
Kew, Chris
Dias, Ana
Tattersall, Colin
Girardin, Fabien
Blat, Josep
Berbegal, Nidia
Navarrete, Toni
Keywords: UNFOLD
IMS Learning Design
Issue Date: 22-May-2006
Abstract: This document summarises the work carried out with the UNFOLD Communities of Practice (CoPs) since their launch in the summer of 2004. Detailed information on the work carried out is available in the previously submitted deliverables of UNFOLD outcomes: D7.1 (July - December 2004), D7.2 (January - June 2005), and D7.31 (July - December 2005). This report provides a concise but inclusive overview of the work which is reported in these three deliverables.
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