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Title: “Ingrediënten voor succesvol veranderen?” Een studie naar de invloed van de arbeidsrelatie en tenure van medewerkers op de relatie leiderschap en veranderingsbereidheid binnen diverse organisaties. “Ingredients for successful change?” A study of the impact of the employment relationship and tenure of employees to the relationship leadership and willingness to change within various organizations. OPEN UNIVERSITEIT NEDERLAND Faculteit Managementwetenschappen Afstudeerrichting Implementation & Change management Eindscriptie WO-masteropleiding Management November 2015 W.B. (Bas) de Haas Studentnummer: 850746428 Begeleider en
Authors: Haas de B
Keywords: Servant Leadership; change readiness; duration of exposure to change; tenure; employment relationship; contract hours.
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to gain more knowledge about the possible link between the style of leadership and the change readiness of employees. Furthermore the thesis examines the extent of the duration of exposure to change which has a decisive influence on this possible link. From the literature review can be assumed that one style of management affects change initiatives positively, namely; Servant Leadership (Van Dierendonck, 2010). The variable change readiness has been put down and measured as a versatile concept that consists of multiple dimensions (Bouckenooghe & Devos, 2009). The duration of exposure to change in this study is operationalized by the variable tenure and employment relationship. Both variables are set as moderators. In this study, tenure provides the degree of how long an employee has been working in an organization and is measured by the classification of Feldmand & Ng (2010). The focus of the moderator employment relationship is, in this research, specifically on one topic; the employment contract. The number of contract hours divides respondents into a full time or part time group. The research must ultimately answer the central question: "What is the effect of a Servant Leadership approach on the change readiness of an employee and in what way do tenure and employment relationship play a role as moderators?” The research took place in teams of very different businesses and organizations. Via a literature review a questionnaire is composed. This questionnaire is plotted on an individual level whereby all concepts of the study were discussed. The result of the questionnaires gives answer to the different hypotheses and to the main hypothesis of the research. Based on the results of the survey, it can be assumed that there is a positive and significant relationship between the elements of Servant Leadership and the change readiness of employees. The various stages of tenure do not show consistency and have no effect on the link between Servant Leadership and change readiness. Further, the variable employment relationship shows no effect on this same relationship. Some aspects of this research are certainly subject to debate. One of these points of debate is among the definition and operationalization of the duration of exposure to change. Even for those respondents who have been working in an organization for many years, the duration of exposure to change has no effect on the relationship between the Servant Leader and change readiness. Based on these observations, it seems justified to ask the question whether tenure and employment relations are the right operationalization and correct interpretation of duration of exposure to change?
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