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Title: De relatie tussen leeftijd en duurzame inzetbaarheid en de rol van een Leven Lang Leren. Een studie onder medewerkers van het ICT onderdeel van een overheidsinstelling Marleen Veldhuizen
Authors: Veldhuizen-Hurenkamp
Keywords: Keywords: sustainable labour participation, employability, lifelong learning, workability, vitality, age
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2015
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Summary Cause and research question In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in sustainable labour participation among both science and employers. This paper critically examines whether age and lifelong learning influences employability as well as the interaction effect of lifelong learning on the relationship between age and lifelong learning. Theoretical Framework This research uses the concept sustainable labour participation to refer to vitality, work ability and the employability of employees. Research confirms that lifelong learning is a possibility to maintain sustainable labour participation. Moreover, contemporary research concerning human capital supports the assumption that participation in training and education results in increasing employability. Employees need continuous development. Methode A quantitative study was conducted in the form of a single survey, with data being gathered among employers working at the IT department of the Dutch Tax Administration. Results and conclusion The findings of this research show no significant relationship between age and the aspects vitality and a small negative relation with work ability. A negative significant relationship was found between age and employability. In addition , lifelong learning is significantly positive related to all three aspects of sustainable employability. However, no interaction effects were found. In all, It can be concluded that lifelong learning plays an important role in addition to the effects that age has on sustainable employability. In conclusion, lifelong learning plays a significant role in the effects on sustainable labour participation regardless of the age of employees. Employers should consider the power life of lifelong learning and use this in their HR policy considering the aging of many personnel. Keywords: sustainable labour participation, employability, lifelong learning, workability, vitality, age
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