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Title: Policies, strategies and learning innovations for Open Education
Authors: Stracke, Christian M.
Keywords: Open Education
Open Learning
Learning innovations
Open Educational Resources
Open Discovery Space
Inspiring Science Education
PBL 3.0
ISO/IEC 19796-1
IDEAL Framework
LINQ Conference
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2016
Publisher: Welten Institute
Citation: Stracke, C. M. (2016, 18 March). Policies, strategies and learning innovations for Open Education. Presentation at the Opening Up Education Conference, Welten Institute, Open University of the Netherlands, Heerlen, The Netherlands.
Abstract: Opening Up Education by innovations like online cooperation, MOOCs and technology-enhanced learning has achieved broad awareness and agreement supported by the UNESCO OER Declaration and new launched policy, e.g. by the European Commission and the Government of the Philippines. Nevertheless investment in education and training is decreasing in many countries despite the general recognition of its importance. The vision and overall objective is the launch of a global joint initiative to re-establish openness as default as in the 60ies years of the 20th century, the International Community for Open Research and Education, invites all interested citizens and organizations worldwide sharing this visions to join forces. This session will present the latest policies, strategies and learning innovations for Open Education and invites all participant to discuss them.
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