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Title: Building blocks for the educational web: Elena's smart space for learning
Authors: Simon, Bernd
Sobernig, Stefan
Wild, Fridolin
Aguirre, Sandra
Brantner, Stefan
Dolog, Peter
Neumann, Gustaf
Gernot, Huber
Klobucar, Tomaz
Markus, Sascha
Miklós, Zoltán
Nejdl, Wolfgang
Olmedilla, Daniel
Salvachua, Joaquin
Sintek, Michael
Zillinger, Thomas
Issue Date: Jul-2006
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Abstract: This case study summarizes the demonstration of a semantic network of interoperable educational systems referred to as Smart Space for Learning. We started connecting several educational nodes in projects such as Elena, Prolearn, and Icamp. Integration was achieved by using the interaction standard SQI, common schemas for querying and results presentation, and query exchange language, e.g. QEL. The paper particularly focuses on how heterogeneous nodes can be made interoperable by reusing generalizations of mediating components –building blocks for a Smart Space for Learning
Description: Bernd Simon, Stefan Sobernig, Fridolin Wild, Sandra Aguirre, Stefan Brantner, Peter Dolog, Gustaf Neumann, Gernot Huber, Tomaz Klobucar, Sascha Markus, Zoltán Miklós, Wolfgang Nejdl, Daniel Olmedilla, Joaquin Salvachua, Michael Sintek, and Thomas Zillinger. Building blocks for the educational web: Elena's smart space for learning. In IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2006), Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 2006. IEEE Computer Society.
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