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Title: Social media integration for the purpose of self-regulated learning
Authors: Vrieling, Emmy
Matzat, Uwe
Velthorst, Gerdo
Keywords: social media
self-regulated learning
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: EAPRIL 2016
Citation: Vrieling, E., Matzat, U., & Velthorst, G. (2016, 22-25 november). Social media integration for the purpose of self-regulated learning. Paper presented at the annual meeting for the EAPRIL, Porto, Portugal.
Abstract: In this study, design based research in a teacher design team is performed. Teachers who intend to use social media to extend their school class teaching, are confronted with a lack of clear guidelines that inform them how to utilize them effectively. In this study, we aim at formulating such guidelines and testing their usefulness. First, opportunities to facilitate self-regulated learning (SRL) in higher education through the use of social media are elaborated in a literature study. Second, these opportunities are translated into teacher education to search for stimulating and limiting factors within the design, resulting in guidelines for effective social media integration.
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