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Title: RAGE Reusable Game Software Components and Their Integration into Serious Game Engines
Authors: Van der Vegt, Wim
Nyamsuren, Enkhbold
Westera, Wim
Keywords: serious game
software component
game engine
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation: Van der Vegt, W., Nyamsuren, E. & Westera, W. (2016). RAGE Reusable Game Software Components and Their Integration into Serious Game Engines. In: Georgia M. Kapitsaki and Eduardo Santana de Almeida (Eds.), Bridging with Social-Awareness, 15th International Conference, ICSR 2016, Limassol, Cyprus, June 5-7, 2016, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 9679 2016, pp. 165-180.
Abstract: This paper presents and validates a methodology for integrating reusable software components in diverse game engines. While conforming to the RAGE com-ponent-based architecture described elsewhere, the paper explains how the interac-tions and data exchange processes between a reusable software component and a game engine should be implemented for procuring seamless integration. To this end, a RAGE-compliant C# software component providing a difficulty adaptation routine was integrated with an exemplary strategic tile-based game “TileZero”. Implementa-tions in MonoGame, Unity and Xamarin, respectively, have demonstrated successful portability of the adaptation component. Also, portability across various delivery platforms (Windows desktop, iOS, Android, Windows Phone) was established. Thereby this study has established the validity of the RAGE architecture and its un-derlying interaction processes for the cross-platform and cross-game engine reuse of software components. The RAGE architecture thereby accommodates the large scale development and application of reusable software components for serious gaming.
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