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Title: The Language of Flexible Reuse; Reuse, Portability and Interoperability of Learning Content or Why an Educational Modelling Language
Authors: Sloep, Peter
Keywords: learning objects
educational modelling
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2003
Abstract: In this paper, I first discuss in some detail the current use of Learning Objects and show it to be wanting. Although their use, in principle, may offer much flexibility in creating content, in practice it will not, particularly since it does not support sufficient pedagogical flexibility. Then I offer an alternative view which, in my view, is indeed capable of fulfilling all the needs of customised learning, both the need for custom content and the need for custom pedagogies. I conclude by addressing some possible criticisms of my line of reasoning.
Description: Sloep, P.B. (2004). Reuse, Portability and Interoperability of Learning Content: Or Why an Educational Modelling Language. In R. McGreal, (Ed.), Online Education Using Learning Objects (pp. 128-137). London: Routledge/Falmer.
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