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dc.contributor.authorSloep, Peter-
dc.descriptionSloep, P.B. (2003). Commentary on Chapter 7: Reusable Educational Software: A Basis for Generic E-Learning Tasks. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 1.en
dc.description.abstractThe authors of Chapter 7 advocate the use of reusable software. They adduce a number of reasons, the most important one being that reusable software provides a perfect foundation for generic learning activities. In this commentary I do not challenge the basic soundness of their arguments. Rather, I try to argue that their approach should be taken one step further, from generic learning activities to generic educational designs, and from design specific software to design agnostic software.en
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dc.subjectlearning objectsen
dc.titleCommentary on Chapter 7: Reusable Educational Software: a basis for generic e-learning tasksen
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