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Title: Peer Support to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing on Complex Tasks
Authors: Hsiao, Amy
Keywords: peer support
knowledge sharing
peer tutoring
tutor training
cognitive load
Learning Networks
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2016
Citation: Hsiao, Y. P. (2016, 23 September). Peer Support to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing on Complex Tasks; Doctoral thesis. Welten Instituut: Open Universiteit.
Abstract: This thesis explores how to design a peer support system to facilitate self-organized knowledge sharing in non-formal learning environments, in particular when learners work on complex tasks. The peer support system aims to replace two teacher-led didactic arrangements: selecting a tutor at the initial stage, and guidance during the interaction process (Dillenbourg, 1999; Topping, 1996). Such a system has previously been developed by Van Rosmalen (2008) and De Bakker (2010) and has been tentatively used to facilitate knowledge sharing on content-related questions. In this thesis, we would like to find out how to further improve the design of this peer support system, especially to facilitate knowledge sharing on complex tasks. Since little pedagogical theory is available to inform the design of our peer support system, this thesis attempts to apply cognitive load theory (Sweller, Van Merriënboer, & Paas, 1998; Van Merriënboer & Sweller, 2005) that informs instructional designs in classroom settings to the design of our peer support system in Learning Networks.
ISBN: 9789492231178
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