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Title: Supporting the Enterprise in Implementing a Global Vehicle Software Management Strategy
Authors: Willems, Ton
Keywords: Automotive
Enterprise architecture
Reference model
Vehicle software
Maturity model
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Improving product quality, decreasing time to market, expanding globalization by increasing market shares, are all ingredients for a global strategy of many automotive enterprises. Therefore, implementing and managing these strategy ingredients across an automotive manufacturer enterprise, is needed to stay in business. A company with this ambition needs sophisticated capabilities of the divisions within that enterprise. Not only mature multi-divisional processes are required but also, multi-discipline teams working together towards the shared goals of the strategy. Enterprise Architecture is a management tool to align IT and business strategy. When Enterprise Architecture is implemented and supported organization-wide, it can develop aligned business and IT roadmaps. These roadmaps will guide the organization in taking joint steps towards the goals of the improvement projects and business strategy. This research delivers a functional-domain-specific tool for measuring process maturity improvements. During a single-case study, a domain specific maturity model is developed. The name of this model is SpicEA and is a contraction of SPICE and Enterprise Architecture. With this tool, the maturity of vehicle software management processes in combination with Enterprise Architecture processes can be measured. The used method can be projected on other domains and focus areas; therefore, it makes this tool generally usable.
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