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Title: Requirements ambiguousness pitfalls
Authors: Wilmink, Martin
Keywords: requirements engineering
tactile checks
requirements analysis
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Requirement documentation forms one of the important artefacts of the requirements engineering process. One of the downturns of using natural language in the context of requirement specifications is its natural tendency to ambiguousness. A simplified assessment on phrases that influence ambiguity has the potential to be beneficent for the analyst writing requirements documentation to stay away from the obvious pitfalls. The paper introduces the idea of a lightweight tactile check that annotates weak and strong phrases that are known to influence ambiguity. The performed assessment validated the ability to identify these phrases without any context analysis. The used finite dictionaries that contain the weak and strong phrases are based on previous work. The annotated phrases are evaluated by field experts and labeled to indicate if ambiguity is influenced and if the annotation is perceived as helpful to further reduce ambiguity. Finally discussing the quality of detection and the perceived helpfulness of annotating weak and strong phrases lead to the research conclusions and proposed future research.
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