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Title: Developing a managerial decision-making capability in an uncertain and complex environment
Authors: Jamal, Zaid
Keywords: shared services
success and failure factors
process standardization
business process management
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Analytic Hierarchy Process
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This thesis investigates the shared services phenomenon by focussing on process management issues when implementing a shared services centre. It presents a managerial decision-making process framework in an uncertain and complex environment. This framework helps management in prioritizing relevant criteria during the start-up of a shared services centre. An extensive literature review that covers over 50 publications was the basis for this thesis and a template for developing and evaluating a managerial decision-making process framework. The establishment of a shared services centre, and process standardization, is a complex process with many interdependencies. The designed conceptual framework offers the potential to achieve a rational, transparent decision-making process for implementing a shared services centre. This thesis results in a conceptual framework. However, further tests in different management areas are required in order to determine whether this framework results in more effective decision-making in general. A later paper is proposed for further testing and evaluating.
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