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Title: Scalable support for learning in MOOCs
Authors: Van Rosmalen, Peter
Kasch, Julia
Kalz, Marco
Keywords: SOONER
Educational Scalability
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2016
Citation: Van Rosmalen, P., Kasch, J., & Kalz, M. (2016, 13-15 July). Scalable support for learning in MOOCs. Presentation at Higher Education Conference: The Scholarschip of Learning, Teaching and Organizing (HEC2016), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Abstract: In massive open online education, but also in online education, the question rises how to design a high quality learning experience: a learning experience that activates and motivates learners, gives feedback on their achievements and at the same time can be implemented for large number of students while balancing the number of tutors and their workload. This presentation will explore the concept of scalable support i.e. which educational designs elements including support and feedback options can be scaled. It will briefly review promising research addressing scalability conducted for specific support questions such as peer-based question answering, automated formative feedback on text assignments and automated group composition to more general approaches such as systematic support of peer-assessment and dashboards visualising learner progress. Moreover, it will discuss the results of ongoing research, about existing approaches in MOOCs and expert studies with MOOC designers, carried out in the context of the SOONER project (
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