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Title: D3.1 Validation of technical specifications of ECO modules
Authors: Viñuales, Javier
Ternier, Stefaan
Driesner, Jorge
El-Schallah, Aladdin
Tomasini, Alessandra
Loozen, Kjeld
Rocio, Vítor
Bohuschke, Felix
Keywords: ECO
MOOC platform
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2014
Citation: Viñuales, J., Ternier, S., Driesner, J., El­‐Schallah, A., Tomasini, A., Loozen, K., Rocio, V., & Bohuschke, F. (2014). D3.1 Validation of technical specifications of ECO modules. ECO Project
Abstract: The objective of this document is to list the most important technical specifications of each MOOC platform that will be integrated in the overall ECO architecture. The objective of this particular task is to carry out analysis of all the technical specifications of each of the modules/platforms that are to be integrated in the global ECO platform. Once integration will be done, an Open Data exposure solution will be implemented by means of integrating an Open Data Catalog platform such as CKAN.
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