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Title: Control mechanisms and asset specificity in hybrid governance
Authors: Hogeterp, A
Keywords: asset specificity
management control
hybrid governance
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Within this research I examine how risks of opportunistic behavior resulting from asset specificity, assets which can not or can barely be redeployed to alternative use without the sacrifice of productive value, are best governed by specific action, result or personnel & cultural control mechnisms within a hybrid governance mode. Based upon the literature I have proposed two hypothesis. First, in case of higher human asset specificity, procedural asset specificity and marketing asset specificity, the dominant control mechanism used for the protection of asset specificity is personnel & cultural control. Secondly, that in case of higher physical asset specificity, site specificity, dedicated asset specificity and temporal asset specificity, the dominant control mechanism for the protection of asset specificity is action or result controls. The previous two propositions have been investigated in two case studies. One case study setting is selected for its high phsysical asset specificity and the other setting is selected for its high human asset specificity. In the case studies both propositions are confirmed. In addition, it is demonstrated that a balanced distribution of asset specificity between cooperating parties is an important mechanism for mitigating opportunistic behavior between cooperating parties.
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