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Title: Workshop ‘Scalable Feedback and Assessment Activities in Open Online Education’
Authors: Kasch, Julia
Van Rosmalen, Peter
Kalz, Marco
Keywords: SOONER
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Citation: Kasch, J., Van Rosmalen, P., & Kalz, M. (2016). Workshop about Scalable Feedback and Assessment Activities. In Proceedings of the European Stakeholder Summit on experiences and best practices in and around MOOCs (EMOOCs, 2016), (pp 509-513). University of Graz, Austria.
Abstract: Abstract The open and often massive character of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) implies that learning environments should allow and support teachers to facilitate large numbers of students. This workshop is organized in the framework of a PhD project about scalability which is part of the SOONER Project ( The SOONER Project is a Dutch research project which focuses on the structuration of Open Online Education (OOE) in the Netherlands (Kalz, Kreijns, Van Rosmalen, Kester, 2015). Within this workshop we will concentrate on scalability aspects in OOE and how OOE can be improved on a meso-level by designing and implementing scalable feedback and assessment activities. The workshop will be relevant for scientists and MOOC developers who want to brainstorm in an active way about scalability support in OOE.
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