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Title: Using Relation Algebra to generate feedback to students in an Intelligent Tutoring System for Business Rules
Authors: Hageraats, Esther
Keywords: business rules
intelligent tutoring system
relation algebra
constraint-based feedback
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Intelligent Tutoring Systems are recognized as valuable aids in education. We investigate the possibilities of rule-based design and in particular relation algebra as means to generate feedback for students. The rule-based approach is compatible with constraint-based tutors: as long as the student’s product does not reach a state that is known to be wrong, the student is on the right track. It will help recognize errors and with that stimulate the internalization of knowledge. Relation algebra has already been proven to be an apt language to define business rules and our research question is: How can relation algebra be applied to create feedback for students on submitted work? The research is designed as an exploratory case study in which a feedback system is simulated using an already existing system for business rules formulated in relation algebraic expressions. This case study leads to the conclusion it is possible to define rules to compare the student model with a reference model. Both checks on literal details of a model as checks on more general patterns can be performed. There are some limitations to relation algebra that makes it less suitable for a learning system than a programming language, the most important being that rules and messages cannot be applied conditionally to build up the feedback from hint to direct instruction.
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