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Title: Make a choice or the choice makes you! Een onderzoek naar de invloed van risicobereidheid op de relatie tussen persoonlijkheid en duurzame inzetbaarheid
Authors: Dongen van, PAC
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Many employers are concerned about the employability of their employees. Most employers are therefore busy with the development of employability. But they also are confronted with a big challenge in stimulating responsibility of employees themselves in relation to their own employability. The extent to which employability is directly related to the choices employees make. This research is focused on the question "What is the relation between personality and employbility and what is the impact of risk propensity on this relation?" In order to answer this question we first exam the possible direct relation between personality and employability, between personality and risk propensity and between risk propensity and employability. Then this research explores the extent to which risk propensity has a moderating of mediating effect in the relation between personality and employability. Based on existing literature hypotheses are tested by quantitative research methods. The research population consists of employees of an organization in the financial sector. They were invited to fill in an questionnaire (N=146), which served as data gathering method. The results show that the Big Five personality traits only Neuroticism has a significant correlation with employability. More specifically, it refers to a negative relation. Furthermore, a significant relation between the four other Big Five personality traits Openness (positive), Conscientiousness (negative), Extraversion (negative) and Altruism (negative) and risk propensity was found. No moderation effect of risk propensity on the relation between personality and employability was found. This also applies to the mediation effect. This study has therefore shown that the extent to which employees are willing to take risk or avoid risk has impact on their own employability, but no impact in the relationship between personality and employability. Finally we conclue that Neuroticism is important for employees and needs to be further explored by organizations for more practical interventions.
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