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Title: De invloed van communicatie over een evaluatie op de toepassing en uitvoering van beleid.
Authors: Ommeren van, NCM
Keywords: Dutch Central Bank,
Sanction Law.
influence of evaluations
policy consideration
behavioral change mechanism
collaborative practice
interpersonal level
non-life insurance companies in the Netherlands
De Nederlandsche Bank
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Evaluation is a separate part of governance with the ultimate goal to achieve social betterment. This paper reviews the empirical research on the possible use and influence of evaluation using Mark & Henry’s 2004 framework. The explanatory case study research is about investigating the influence of the evaluations of De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) between 2012 and 2015 on the compliance of insurance companies in the Netherlands with the Sanction Law. In the empirical research it has been investigated what the influence of communication as an output of evaluation has been on the general mechanism, policy consideration, which could trigger the behavioral mechanism collaborative practice on the interpersonal level. In the embedded single case study research two groups of insurance companies have been distinguished as embedded units of analysis. The distinction between the two groups is based on national or international type of business of the insurance companies. The type of business is related to the risk insurance companies run to insure Sanction related legal entities or persons. Data collection took place through collection of the available documentation (in this case no general evaluation report has been generated by the evaluator) and interviewing key persons within non-life insurance companies and branch organizations in the Netherlands. The most important conclusions are that the influence of communication as an output of the evaluations of De Nederlandsche Bank could be the trigger for policy consideration by organizations. The combination of communication through personal documentation and meetings is the most influential. When policy consideration occurs within an organization the chance the behavioral mechanism on the interpersonal level, collaborative practice, will be triggered are high. This means that as a result of the communication triggering policy consideration organizations are likely to adjust the way they comply with the Sanction Law. No noteworthy differences between the two distinguished groups are found. The main differences are observed between insurance companies which have been part of the evaluations of De Nederlandsche Bank and those who have not.
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