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Title: e invloed van interactie tussen top- en middenmanagement tijdens een organisatieverandering
Authors: Sluiter, W
Keywords: Trust
Middle Managers
Top Management
Emotional involvement
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This study provides insight about interaction and the effects of it during an organizational change. Emotional involvement and trust are two important aspects of interaction and more knowledge about those factors and their influence will promote cooperation between top management and middle management. Through an exploratory and qualitative research within a financial institute a single case study occurred. In this study is conducted a study document, plotted a case survey and interviews were held. The results show that top managers experienced emotional involvement and trust while interacting with their middle managers. The middle managers also experienced emotional involvement, however, there is lesser degree of experiencing trust in their top management. Both top and middle managers acknowledge the positive contribution of emotional engagement during interaction. This also applies to trust. It is suggested that some conclusions from the study may be of interest for similar organizations in which the research was conducted. Sensemaking and sensegiving: The interviews with top managers show little fact about the way they use sensemaking to guide the middle managers in the change and what skills does the top manager needs itself. Using the literature of sensemaking and sensegiving during a cultural change could have a positive influence on the succes of the change. Furthermore, middle managers need to give meaning to change. In the one on one interaction with top managers this can be explicitly addressed. Emotional involvement: Correct interpretation of giving emotional support from top managers to middle managers as described in the literature appears not obvious and is affected by the change. Paying explicit attention on this subject during to the one on one interaction contributes to effective implementation of change. Trust: Because of the hierarchical relationship between top and middle management there always can be a certain dependency and risk. Organizing and encouraging frequent one on one interaction between top and middle managers during a change help to increase mutual trust. A longitudinal study using a multiple case study contributes to the generalizability and reliability of the results. Therefore further research is required among a larger population within the organization of banking. The case study show that by changing the environment of top and middle managers may involve any political interests or socially desirable behavior. The effect that two change programs of various kinds is interesting for the further advancement of literature on sensemaking and sensegiving. This may provide knowledge about how the sensemaking and sensegiving processes can be monitored and influence the outcome of the change (Applebaum 2015, Balogun 2003, Raes 2007 and Wooldrigde 2008). Top and middle managers feel that emotional involvement and trust have a positive impact on interaction. The research shows that they experience this in different ways. It is therefore interesting to investigate how emotional involvement and trust exactly contribute to a positive perception of interaction. This may provide more knowledge about how emotional commitment and trust are expressed in the sensemaking and sense giving process (Cook 2005, Mayer 1995, Wells and Kipnis 2001). Finally, it is recommended to investigate the presence and influence of other aspects of interaction between top and middle managers so that the process of sensemaking and sensegiving can contribute more to the success of organizational change. If there is more knowledge about, for example a significant contribution of top managers to interaction, this may influence the choice for leadership in a change (Applebaum 2005, Higgs and Rowland 2005 and Raes 2007 2011).
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