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Title: A domain reasoner for geometry exercises
Authors: Thibaud, Stéphane
Keywords: geometry tutor
domain reasoner
intelligent tutor
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: With advances in ICT around the world, digital tutors are an increasingly attractive option to provide education to a large audience inexpensively. Important components of a digital tutor include the exercises or a method to generate exercises, an algorithm for finding and verifying solutions to exercises and a method of providing hints to a student while the student is working on an exercise. The domain reasoner models all paths from the proposition(s) of an exercise to the solution(s). This enables the digital tutor to provide hints from any situation the student might encounter. This thesis contributes a method to generate a domain reasoner from an exercise solution in the domain of high school level geometry exercises. The program representing a solution to an exercise is first represented as a directed acyclic graph of which the edges represent steps in the solution. Each edge uses a formal rule to execute a step and human-readable hints are attached to these rules. Since an algorithm for generating solutions from the formal description of an exercises currently exists, this domain reasoner enables the generation of hints from just that formal description of an exercise. The exercise-specific domain reasoner enables feedforward, feedback and worked-out examples as well as a degree of adaptivity to a student's knowledge by providing hints for steps composed of smaller steps.
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