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Title: D10.2 – Research Data Management Plan, version 2.0
Authors: Kluijfhout, Eric
Kickmeier-Rust, Michael
Guaylupo, Sabina
Molinari, Andrea
Hemmje, Matthias
Riestra, Ruben
Steiner, Christina
Bontchev, Boyan
Görziget, Heike
Keywords: data management
open access
research data
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Citation: Kluijfhout, E., Kickmeier-Rust, M., Guaylupo, S., Molinari, A., Hemmje, M., Riestra, R., Steiner, C., Bontchev, B., & Görziget, H. (2017). D10.2 - Research Data Management Plan, version 2.0. RAGE-project
Abstract: This document is the second out of three iterations of the DMP that will be formally delivered during the project. Version 3 is due towards the end of the project. The DMP thus is not a fixed document; it evolves and gains more precision and substance during the lifespan of the project. This version 2 of the DMP is informed by the following project results: 1) In January 2016 WP8 delivered D8.1 - RAGE Evaluation Framework and Guidelines including extensive guidelines on how to apply the principles of ethics, privacy and open access in the RAGE evaluations; 2) In July 2016 the Executive Management Board selected the OpenAIRE-Zenodo as the preferred open access repository to manage the consortium’s research data. The selection of Zenodo addresses a number of issues that were left open in version 1 of this DMP; 3) In November 2016 WP8 delivered the MS8 - First Pilot Validation Instruments document, outlining procedures and tools to be used in the pilot evaluations, including a chapter on the use of Zenodo. The MS8-document provides an update of the data sets that will be generated as part of the pilot evaluations, as compared to the data sets initially specified in version 1 of this DMP. This document is thus first of all relevant to WP5 and WP8 members.
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