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Title: Issues in Developing Adaptive Learning Management Systems for Higher Education Institutions
Authors: Boticario, Jesús
Santos, Olga
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
Adaptive Learning
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2006
Abstract: Adaptive Learning Management Systems (aLMS) have not yet reached the eLearning marketplace to provide life long professional development. Existing difficulties related to coping with generic learning processes cover methodological, technological, and management issues. Based on our experience in aLFanet (IST-2001-33288), in this paper we review relevant issues arisen when developing an aLMS based on a pervasive use of educational standards (IMS-LD, IMS-CP, IEEE-LOM/IMS-MD, IMS-LIP, IMS-QTI). In particular, we present the aLFanet approach and comment on the consequences of applying such type of systems in real large-scale situations that take place at mega-universities like UNED.
Description: Please, cite this publication as: Boticario, J. & Santos, O. (2006). Issues in Developing Adaptive Learning Management Systems for Higher Education Institutions. Proceedings of Adaptive Hypermedia. June, Dublin, Ireland. Retrieved June 30th, 2006, from
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