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Title: Het gezicht van organisatiesymboliek
Authors: Dongen, R van
Keywords: Symbolism
organizational change
sense making
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: In a fast-moving and increasing technological world, there can be little doubt that organizational change is one of the most important issues facing organizations. This is especially so, when it is claimed that over 60 per cent of all change projects are considered to fail. Not surprisingly, therefore, there is also much debate about which approach to change is the best. It’s notable that less attention goes to the role of organization symbolism during organizational change, especially studies explaining sense making of symbolism regarding organizational change. This paper looks at the case of the organizational change in a governmental organization which used a planned approach to transform itself. While the transformation was taking place the sense making of organizational symbolism related to organizational change has been studied. The paper concludes that sense making regarding organizational symbolism primarily occurs on individual base but is being reflected with the trusted colleagues in the direct environment. Also the sense making of reactive symbolism is considered as a large degree of influence on how people give meaning to the desired organizational change. Often the sender isn’t aware of sending reactive symbols, while such symbols are still being sent. Hence sense making will occur, even when the sender hasn’t intended to do so. This case study shows the importance of paying more attention towards organizational symbolism so the effectiveness of organizational change will increase.
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