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Title: Invloed van flexibiliteit op adaptieve prestaties van teamleiders in crisissituaties
Other Titles: Een longitudinaal onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van taakprestaties over tijd van marineofficieren
Authors: Jonge, EW de
Keywords: Adaptive performance
openness to experience
achievement goal orientation
emotional intelligence
Issue Date: 3-Jan-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This research provides new insights to the relationship between flexibility and adaptive performance during crisis situations. It contributes to the existing research of adaptive performance in three ways: 1) a longitudinal approach is used and performance is measured over a period of six month, 2) the adaptive performance is measured in a unique task context of crisis situations and 3) personality characteristics, flexibility and adaptive performance are integrated researched. By applying continuous and discontinuous growth models, the influence of individual and leadership flexibility on the performance growth of team leaders is investigated. Three personality characteristics related with both types of flexibility are identified in literature. These characteristics are: achievement goal orientation, emotional intelligence and openness to experience. In this study, the influence of these personal characteristics on the performance of team leaders during different stages of the learning process is investigated. The research is executed during intensive training of navy officers for a period of six months. During the training, simulators were used to simulate crisis situations. The results show that both types of flexibility are related to the growth of performance. Openness to experience and emotional intelligence are positively related to different stages of the training program. A surprising result is that performance orientation was not related and mastery orientation negatively related with adaptive performance. De results are compared to earlier research and findings and discrepancies are explained.
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